About The National Society of Leadership and Success

Leadership is more than just a buzzword.


It comes in many forms throughout a range of industries, from the urban entrepreneur to an exciting startup poised to turn a traditional industry on its head. Whatever one’s field might be, a leader must assemble and manage teams to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our world today, from politicians working alongside parents and teachers to help an overstretched school district, to engineers and designers pushing the envelope in artificial intelligence.

At The National Society of Leadership and Success, we are a collective of thoughtful, high-achieving, driven individuals who are on the road to creating change and blazing trails. As the largest leadership honor society in the United States, our membership numbers more than 700,000 students across 500 college campuses. It is our aim to represent and foster the best qualities in individuals who can then serve their purpose in the world.

Being open to growth is key to ongoing advancement for individuals and the whole. Towards that end, we’ve created an online library, with resources you can use while on the path to achieving your goals. we will provide the latest, cutting-edge knowledge across a range of industries, including politics, law, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, economics, and many more. Through this, we hope to offer you engaging, inspiring content that can help you pursue your career aspirations across these and other dynamic industries.

One of the core questions we pose is: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? This online library will help students feel confident, informed, and ready to take on any challenge. We all have moments of doubt, fear, and hesitance. By walking in the footsteps of others and using best practices, what once seemed daunting can suddenly become manageable. Additionally, we hope you’ll find this library useful for your own teaching moments. After all, leadership and knowledge depend on sharing.

We encourage positive community action so our members can continue to serve and enrich the lives of others. While much of our library is aimed at business and interpersonal skills, the same tactics and sensibilities apply to volunteer work. This is a resource for you to tackle challenges in business, community, and yourself. By focusing on skills and goals, rather than specific paths, leaders not only get things done, but also innovate.

Whatever path you choose to follow, we’ll show you that leadership has exciting, real-life implications and applications. For our site to have the deepest impact possible, we will focus on offering you a personalized feed of leadership news, which can be customized as you see fit, along with answers and specific content knowledge in whatever area you choose to excel in.

Here at The National Society of Leadership and Success, we aim to give you not just passing trends or today’s hot topics, but meaningful knowledge that will help you build a solid foundation of versatile leadership and people skills invaluable to your future success.

At the Society, membership is for life, and the skills built as an undergraduate can continue well into your post-college career. Both new students and experienced professionals have a place here, because all good leaders will not only achieve their own dreams, but also help others succeed at each step along the way. The guidance and conversation we start here is addressed to all those who seek to lead.

Together, we can achieve greatness.